Wood Shingle

When it comes to construction and housing, wood is usually the material used for structural beams and laying out the foundation of a building. They’re extremely sturdy and durable, while also being sustainable and energy efficient – which is perfect for working on the inner and outer structures of a blueprint. But who says they can’t be used as a type of roof shingle as well? Wood shingles are another underrated yet effective choice of roofing material when it comes to owners looking for a natural and rustic feel to the overall look of their property. 

Roofs that are made out of wood can be tailor-made with either a traditional look or patterned with unique grains and layers for each wood shake and shingle. Almost all wooden roofs don’t even look the same! In addition, wooden roofing has the same beneficial properties that wood has: durable, long-lasting, and very energy efficient. It’s indeed an investment that really increases your property’s worth. The question now is: how do I get them installed? 

As much as it seems like wooden shingles are rare in the market, you don’t need to worry about that right now: because Ballwin Roofing Co. can definitely get behind a wooden shingles installation project. Our roofing company offers different kinds of wooden shingles and shakes – from timber, red cedar, hardwoods, and the ever-famous natural cedar material. We obtain it from our trusted manufacturers to ensure quality work, and together with our highly skilled roofers and efficient service, it’s guaranteed satisfaction on your part. So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call us so we can get to your roofing needs right away.