Tile Roofing

For the longest time, tile roofing has always been a popular material option in the market when it comes to roof installation – and it’s not for nothing. You can just never go wrong choosing a ton of aesthetic appeal that will fit whatever look you have in mind, all while being weather-resistant, durable, and energy-efficient. But there’s one crucial thing to know before considering a tile roofing installation: they’re difficult to install and need the experience of a professional roofing company. Just like us! 

When it comes to any type and style of tile roofs, Ballwin Roofing Co., has been there and done that. We specialize in clay and ceramic tile roofing, as well as other materials such as slate, concrete, and composite tiles for your other needs. With so many designs and stylings to choose from, you can simply let your imagination run wild and you can rest and let our highly skilled roofers handle the rest. 

Whether you’d prefer Double Roman Tiles for your Mediterranean-themed household or simple flat shake tiles for a more adaptable style, you can simply call our number for a quick consultation and discuss what’s best for the type of architecture you own. No need to worry about your budget, the roof’s longevity, and other perks – that’s just part of our tile roofing installation service and we’ll be glad to sort it out with you. We at Ballwin Roofing Co. will guarantee a fast service, quality craftsmanship and roofing materials, and the tile roof of your dreams right at your doorstep.