Spray Foam Roofing

You may or may not have heard of spray foam roofing before – and it’s not usually the type of roofing that’s as commonly chosen as compared to the usual asphalt or tiled roofing. The technology has already been applied in many industrial and commercial facilities because of its great durability and UV resistance, and it’s just gaining more attention as its protective layer becomes important in taking care of your roofs. It also has a unique type of installation: SPF is sprayed as a liquid that can expand into foam, which covers the entire roof surface into a layer of strong coating. 

If you’re looking to repair or fortify an already existing roof, which covers even your roofing system’s vents and pipes, then spray foam is a great option for you. Even though it is also on the costly side, the investment is sure to be worth it because of its minimal maintenance, energy efficiency, and extremely lightweight but strong with the added foam. But choosing a roofing company that has the experience and skills in spray foam roofing technology and application is important in making sure that it is properly installed, and your property is in safe hands. 

Just like us at Ballwin Roofing Co., a certified SPF roofing installation company that has handled various commercial real estates and industrial partners. Our roofers are qualified with the proper tools and techniques to provide excellent spray foam roofing services to all of our clients. And when you call us right now, we can provide free estimates and recommendations to help you get started with this brilliant roofing technology.