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Roofing is an essential part of one’s home. It protects the interior of our house from the elements, and it keeps us dry. A good roof not only shields us from mother nature, but it also does wonders for your home’s resale value! It’s no wonder why the roof of their humble abode is high up on a homeowner’s priority list.

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Ballwin Roofing Co. is your best friend when it comes to your roofing needs! We consider ourselves problem solvers, and good ones at that! If you have a problem with your roof, we’ll come to fix it for you! Do you have a leak and are in need of a few repairs here and there? No need to worry, we’ll fix that up for you! Maybe you need a new roof entirely? We’ll install a roof for you, one of your own choosing (with a couple of recommendations from us, of course)! 

When it comes to anything roof-related, whether it’s commercial, residential, industrial, governmental, or institutional, there’s nothing we can’t solve together. That’s right: WE! Who knows their roof better than the owner themselves? We need your help solving your roofing problems–we can’t do it without you! Don’t worry though, the hard part is on us. All you need to do is avail of our services!


So what services do we offer? Why don’t you have a look and see for yourself? Maybe something will catch your eye!


Need a new roof installed? We’ll have it done for you no problem! Ballwin Roofing Co. has a variety of different types of roofing you can choose from! Here’s a preview of what you can get:

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is, without a doubt, the most popular roofing throughout houses around the world. These tiles are reliable, cheap, and will grant you a good night’s rest without the worry of leaks during a rainy evening.

The most common type of material for tile roofing is clay and concrete, materials are known to withstand any kind of weather. No matter where you’re from, whether it snows, storms, or hails, you can rely on your tiled roof to see them through! They last a long time, and they can help with air circulation, making sure cool air runs through your house at all times! The great thing about the roofing of earthly origins is that they’re environmentally friendly, so not only are you enjoying high-quality roofing, you’re also helping save mother earth!
They’re also really pretty, and our stocks offer many different colors of tiled roofing for you to choose from! Whether it’s a reliable roof you’re looking for, a roof that’ll get those passerby’s heads turning, or both, Tile roofing won’t let you down!

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Shingle Roofing

Light, cost-effective, and stylish, shingle roofing is sure to keep the stress to your roof and your wallet at a minimum!

The best part about shingle roofing is that they’re light and easy to cut. Therefore, they can fit any type of roof! They’re easy to install, and their materials are very cheap, all of which come back as a financial relief to you! But don’t let their cost-effectivity make you second guess yourself, as shingles are durable, water-resistant, and have a great life span if given the proper care! There are also shingles that specialize in keeping your house cool by deflecting the sunlight away and absorbing as little heat as possible!

Shingle roofing offers a unique look to your home. There are plenty of available types of shingled roofing available in our stock which you can select from! Whatever catches your eye the most, we’ll have those shingles installed for you.

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Metal Roofing
When you need a roof that’s pretty, long-lasting, reliable, and needs very little maintenance, then metal roofing is for you!

Although metal roofing may look expensive at first glance, they’re a solid deal when you think of how little maintenance they require. Metal roofs are known to last for a century and are highly resistant to insect damage. Mold and mildew don’t grow on it either, making annual cleaning relatively few and far between. Their cost may seem expensive, but if you consider their longevity and maintenance, metal roofing are a wonderful bargain.

They’re also really pleasing to the eyes. Metal roofing comes in all kinds of colors, and you can choose what compliments your home the best! There are also different varieties, such as steel roofing, copper roofing, and more!

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Ballwin Roofing Co. Is not only an expert at installing roofing but repairing them too! We know how urgent a damaged roof is, and reparations should be made immediately. Lucky for you, dear homeowner, roof repair is our specialty! We’ll get that roof of yours repaired in no time!

Here’s where your help comes in. Here is Ballwin Roofing Co., we want to know as much about your roof as possible before we conduct anything major. This helps us minimize the chances of potential damage and accidents, and maximize efficiency.

We want to ask you questions like:

– The age of your roof;

– The scale of your roof’s damage;
– Repair records;

– Presence of long-term damage;

– Whether or not you’re planning on selling your house;

– The type of roofing you have.

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First of All, What Warrants an “Emergency Repair?”

There will come a time when your roof is damaged in the middle of a storm. Maybe it’s from a falling tree, maybe a rogue trashcan crashes into your roof, or maybe lightning strikes. It doesn’t matter how it starts, all that matters is that you now have a big hole in your roof that’s letting the brunt of mother nature’s wrath in!

The weather can be unpredictable, and you never know when you might find yourself in an emergency. This is why we at Ballwin Roofing Co. Have dedicated ourselves to providing 24/7 emergency services. We will send experts your way the moment you call and have your emergency solved immediately, on the same day.

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What you saw is just a preview of our services. If you like what you saw, please consider exploring our website more and read up on our services to their full extent. 

Roof repair is not a simple DIY project anybody can do. There are many things to take into consideration to preserve the sanctity of your home. This is why Ballwin Roofing Co. Wants to solve your roofing issues for you! Our experts have years of experience in the field, equipped with the necessary skills for the job you require! If you have a roofing problem that needs solving, don’t hesitate! Contact Ballwin Roofing Co. Today! It’s our pleasure to work with you.

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