Roof Repair

Roofing repairs can be quite tricky. Especially if you do it all on your own. 

You know what you’re doing, and you’re fully capable of it. We agree, but all the equipment, safety measures, tools, and materials— they’re all hard to say. You’d have to rent, borrow, and pay for more than what you’ve expected and hoped. Plus, you might do more harm than good if you don’t have the exact skills for all these repairs, so also keep that in mind. 

It’d be best to let a professional handle all things roof related for the meantime. Besides the fact that it would turn out better and functional if you call in an experienced roofer, you’re saving your precious time and energy. Not to mention, it’s way safer, since heights can be extremely dangerous without any applied safety measures, like harnesses which the roofing company can provide for their workers.

And with Ballwin Roofing Co, we’re guaranteed to give you the best roof experience in the state. Whether it’s roof repairs, roof installation— we’ve been there, done that. And we make sure to extend the same functional results to yours.

With that said, here are some of the roof repair services we offer!

Leaking Roofs

 Leaky roofs are the most common mishap in every household. Big or small, it plagues every roof with each fracture— and while a bucket to collect the rainwater might be an easy, band-aid fix on each leak, it’s only temporary, unfortunately. Plus, it only gets worse with time. You can’t put it off forever, even though leaks are not exactly urgent.  That’s why you need absolute and permanent reparations to lift the burden of these annoyances off your shoulders, once and for all. And Ballwin Roofing Co can do that for you.

Damaged Shingles

Loose shingles, as well as those curved and cracked ones, can be a determining factor for deterioration in roofs. If you inspect your roof and see missing sections of where your shingles are supposed to be— then a replacement should be in order. You need shingles to protect your roof from the elements, especially moisture.

Defective Venting

Notice your electric bill getting higher these past few months? Well that might be a sign of venting damage. Since your venting regulates the temperature inside your home, a faulty one might cause the space to become too hot or too cold, which leads to additional expenses that will continue on for a long time. If you fix your venting as soon as you can, you can save up on your monthly bills! With us as a roofing contractor, you won’t have to worry about this happening anymore. We’ll fix it in a jiffy!

Rotting Wood

After a long time, your roof can possibly deteriorate with age, and you’ll see signs of rotting wood. And this can compromise the whole structure, including the ones relying on it to hold up. Rotting wood could end up caving in, so with our expert roof repair, we’ll install new wood instead!


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