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the roof on your home or business is constantly at the receiving end of the changing seasons. Whether it’s the glaring sunlight, heavy downpour, hail storms, or heavy snow— your roof receives the brunt of it. And it can only take so much of it before it makes its little structural problems known. And worse, the problem might grow bigger and bigger until it’s no longer a mere annoyance, but a dangerous dilemma for any homeowner.

Gaping holes in the structure? Massive leaks that a bucket can’t handle? Sections with missing shingles or tile? Massive dents on the surface? Emergency roofing? Whether you need something fixed, replaced, or installed— a trusted roofing contractor is your best bet.

Ballwin Roofing Company is the areas number one roofing company when it comes to your roofing needs. Ballwin Roofing Co. provides you with only the best of the best for every roofing service we provide. We’ve taken on a lot of projects, and have a long list of satisfied clients. And if the gleaming testimonies aren’t enough, better yet, you can hire us to see the quality workmanship for yourselves. With our skilled, experienced and friendly roofers, the success of your roof repair or roof installation is always guaranteed, and at a competitive price.  When looking for a roofer in Ballwin and St. Louis, look no further.

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Affordable Roofer in Ballwin MO

And of course, as every business (though probably not as dedicated as we are), we take customer service very seriously. If there’s one thing we strive for in every project, it’s making the customers happy and satisfied with the roofing services they receive. It’s simply part of the job, and it has been that way ever since we started out. And so far, we’ve garnered only positive responses in our work. That’s because we ask for and value your input as homeowners, before starting the job, and we make sure to take it and incorporate it into our work. We listen, and we consider your opinions and complaints.  And you’ve made the right choice! We don’t leave without double-checking our work to assure you that you received the highest quality work possible.

The importance of your roof should never be downplayed, so you should choose a roofing contractor that won’t treat your roof as just another job. And we’re just the people for that! Rest assured, we’re no stranger to the half-baked jobs the previous contractor may have left. Yes! It’s possible that a faulty installation or repair may have caused your roof issue. So we’re here to fix the mess they left— and make sure that you won’t need additional or secondary servicing once for and all.  We are a one-stop roofing contractor.

So you could probably tell by now, quality is everything to us. From our roof technicians, to the tools we use, and to the materials we use on your roof. We only use high-grade materials that can stand the usual wear and tear that roofs encounter in this part of the country. And we can guarantee you, the materials we use and the roofing techniques we employ, will leave you with a roof that will stand the test of time.  

Good roofing is a pretty big investment for anyone, but Ballwin Roofing Company makes sure you get the right returns… and a lot more. When looking for a roofing service in the area, your search can stop here.

So, with that said, here are the following services that we offer in Ballwin and the surrounding St. Louis area.

You’re probably no stranger to small glitches in your roof. Most may even attempt to fix it themselves. And that might not be a problem, if you know what you’re doing. But when it comes to more serious roof troubles, it’s probably best to call in a professional roofing contractor. And if you wish to find a permanent solution to said small glitches, we’re good for that too! So whether it’s big or small, we can do it all! There is a long list of issues that can develop on any roof.  Are leaks one of the issues you’re experiencing right now? Leaks are one of the most common mishaps we see in residential and commercial roofing.  Leaks can cause huge amounts of expensive damage.  I have news for you.  That leak is not going to get any smaller.  And as we’ve said earlier, it’s also possible that your previous roofing company had done a bad job of installing your roof in the first place.  Let us make things right.


You may want a roof replacement for a number of reasons. Your current roof might may be deteriorating from all its wear and tear. Or your roof has suffered unsalvageable damage because of the harsh mid west weather. Maybe you just need a new roof for personal reasons.  Who are we to judge?  Maybe you need a roof put on the house you are building.  We do that too. We can make measurements and walk you through the entire process before one nail is struck. The team of roofers working on your roof has been working in the industry for a long time, so installing a roof is second nature to us. You don’t need to worry about us making mistakes, since we check every step to make sure all systems are a go before proceeding. We’re efficient, and we’re meticulous. Ballwin Roofing Co. will expertly install a new roof that meets the budget and time frame agreed upon. You will not find a better roofer in Ballwin when it comes to roof replacement and roof installation.

Emergency Roofer

Wind storm made nearby things air-borne, and now they headed your way? Storm suddenly intruded on your roof’s major leakage points? A fallen tree poked a hole in your roof? Don’t panic. Call us as soon as you can. Take safety precautions beforehand, and we’ll be sure to come in as soon as possible. So to any homeowner in need of a quick rescue, just call Ballwin Roofing Co. We’re here with emergency roofing services, 24/7.

We realize terrible things happen when you least expect it.  And we know you want it taken care of ASAP.  Let Ballwin Roofing Company get your roof back in peak condition.  We are available 24/7 to handle your emergency roofing needs.  Call us today to let us know how we can help.

Free Roof Inspection With All Estimates

A roof inspection is a visual examination of your roof by a professional to check for any damage, missing or broken shingles, leaks, and other potential problems. It can also help you determine the age and condition of your roof. A roof inspection is an important part of regular home maintenance, and it should be done at least once a year. Ballwin Roofing Co offers free roof inspections with every estimate we provide. Contact us today to schedule your appointment in the Ballwin and St. Louis area!

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Residential & Commercial Roofing in Ballwin

Ask About Our Metal Roofing Service

That’s right.  Ballwin Roofing Co. now services and installs metal roofing.  Why would you want a metal roof?  Great question.  Metal Roofing is long-lasting and very low maintenance.  In a lot of situations, a metal roof will last a lifetime.  And no longer will you have to worry about all the nasty St. Louis, Missouri weather.  Our metal roofs are storm proof and stand up to high winds and heavy precipitation.  You can trust Ballwin Roofing Co. to install a metal roof on your home or business that could potentially save you thousands over the course of your ownership.

Don’t hesitate!  Call us today to speak with one of our metal roofing experts.  We will send someone out to your property for a free consultation and see if metal roofing is an option for you!

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Roofing Services Available in the Ballwin and St. Louis Area

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  • Positive: Professionalism ,  Quality Fair price compared to a few others. Professional workers. Very friendly. As a single female living alone I felt very comfortable with these roofers. Austin was great to work with. ThanksService: Roof repair

    Patricia Irving Avatar Patricia Irving
    November 29, 2021

    Positive: Quality ,  Value Austin was a pleasure to work with. He and his crew completed our roof replacement on time and on budget. Highly recommend Austin and his roofing crew.Service: Roof repair

    Brian Blouin Avatar Brian Blouin
    June 29, 2021

    Positive: Responsiveness ,  Value Fair and honest roofer in the St. Louis area. Wouldn't hesitate to use again.Service: Roof repair

    Harley Potter Avatar Harley Potter
    June 29, 2021
  • Positive: Professionalism ,  Punctuality ,  Quality ,  Responsiveness ,  Value I just moved to Oceanside, CA and I had to get my house sold. In order to close I had to replace the roof. Austin and his crew were great to work with, very quick and efficient given my circumstances. Highly recommend.Services: Gutter installation , Roof repair , Roof installation

    Cameron Danna Avatar Cameron Danna
    August 29, 2021

    Positive: Quality ,  Value Austin was a pleasure to work with. He and his crew completed our roof replacement on time and on budget. Highly recommend Austin and his roofing crew.Service: Roof repair

    Brian Blouin Avatar Brian Blouin
    June 29, 2021

    Positive: Responsiveness ,  Value Fair and honest roofer in the St. Louis area. Wouldn't hesitate to use again.Service: Roof repair

    Harley Potter Avatar Harley Potter
    June 29, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions at Ballwin Roofing

There are many signs that it is time for a new roof.  The more obvious reasons, such as leaks and major damage go without saying.  However, an aging roof often suffers in silence and needs to be inspected by a certified roofer.  Ballwin Roofing Co. provides free roofing inspections and will give you a no-hassle estimate for what it will take to repair or replace your roof in the St. Louis area.

That’s a great question and one that is not easy to answer.  There are many factors to consider such as the material the roof was constructed with and the climate in which the roof exists.  St. Louis weather can be tough on any roof and at Ballwin Roofing Co. we recommend having one of our roofing experts perform a thorough inspection on your roof to determine the amount of life it has left.

Often times, you can save thousands in St. Louis by making repairs to a roof, rather than replacing the entire roof.  Our roofing professionals will perform a through inspection on your roof before determining whether a simple repair or replacement is necessary.  We will do our best to keep your costs low while at the same time leaving you with a roof that will keep your family safe and sound.

Do your best to safely minimize the damage yourself, but do not get on the roof.  Simply find a bucket or two and cover your valuables with a tarp. Water damage is no joke and can ruin your home quickly.  Then, call Ballwin Roofing Co. immediately.  Our St. Louis emergency roofing service will do our best to minimize the damage and quickly get your roof back in working shape.

At Ballwin Roofing Co. all of our work comes with an excellent warranty that we will discuss more in detail before we begin any work.  You can rest easy knowing that your investment in your roof is secure. In St. Louis, we are a great choice for long lasting, guaranteed roofing.

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