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Your very own roofs are always at the receiving end of the changing seasons. Whether it’s the glaring sunlight, heavy downpour, or hail storms— your roof is at the brunt of it. And it can only take so much of it before it makes its little structural problems known. And worse, and the problem might grow bigger and bigger until it’s no longer a mere annoyance, but a dangerous dilemma for any homeowner.

Gaping holes in the structure? Massive leaks that a bucket can’t cover for anymore? Missing portions of where shingles should be? Massive dents on the surface? Emergency roofing? Whether you need something fixed, replaced, or installed— a trusted roofing contractor is your best bet.

Ballwin Roofing Co. is the city’s number one roofing company when it comes to your every roofing need. Ballwin Roofing Co. provides you with only the best of the best for every roofing service we provide. We’ve taken on a lot of projects, courtesy of our previous (and very satisfied) clients. And if the gleaming testimonies aren’t enough, better yet, you can hire us to see the quality workmanship for yourselves. With our skilled, experienced and friendly roofers, the success of your roof repair or roof installation is always guaranteed, and at a competitive price.  When looking for a Ballwin roofing company, look no further.

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Expert Roofer in Ballwin

And of course, as every business (though probably not as dedicated as we are), we take customer service very seriously. If there’s one thing we strive for in every project, it’s making the customers happy and satisfied with their all-new roof. It’s simply part of the job, and it has been that way ever since we started out. And so far, we’ve garnered only positive responses in our work. That’s because we ask for and value your input as homeowners, right before starting on the job, and we make sure to take it and incorporate it into our work. We listen, and we consider your opinions and complaints so we fix whatever’s been bothering you enough to call the professionals. And you’ve made the right choice! We don’t leave without double-checking if you’re more than satisfied with what we’ve left you. 

The importance of your roof should never be downplayed, so you should choose a roofing contractor that won’t treat your roof any less than it needs. And we’re just the people for that! Rest assured, we’re no stranger to the half-baked jobs the previous contractor may have left. Yes! It’s possible that a faulty installation or repair may have caused your roof issue., so we’re here to tell you and fix the mess they left— and make sure that you won’t need additional or secondary servicing once for and all.

So you could probably tell by now, quality is everything to us. From our roof technicians, to the tools we use, and to the materials we use on your roof. We only employ high-grade materials from the market that can stand the usual wear and tear a little better than other resources. And we can guarantee you, that it makes so large of a difference once we employ it on our clients’ edifice. 

Good roofing is a pretty big investment for anyone, but Ballwin Roofing Company makes sure you get the right returns… and a lot more. When looking for a Ballwin roofing company, your search can stop here.

So, with that said, here are the following services that we offer.

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You’re probably no stranger to small hitches in your roof. Most probably even attempt to fix it themselves. And that shouldn’t be a problem, if you know what you’re doing. But when it comes to more serious roof troubles, it’s probably best to call in a professional. And if you wish to find a permanent solution to said small hitches, we’re good for that too! So whether it’s big or small, we can do it all! And there are a lot of these, potentially, that can happen to your own roof. Is one of these the one you’re experiencing right now? Leaks are one of the most common mishaps we get from our roofs, and it’s the most annoying too. It’s constant whenever it rains, and it’s obvious when it shines outside. Maybe it’s naturally deteriorating since it’s nearing your roof’s material life, and as a result, it’s been acting up recently. And as we’ve said earlier, it’s also possible that your previous roofing company had done a bad job of installing it in the first place.

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You may want a roof replacement for a number of reasons. Your current roof might have already caved in from all its wear and tear. Or your roof has suffered unsalvageable damage because of weathering. Maybe you just need a new roof, personal preference. We also work on roof installations as well, if your building is still under construction. We can make measurements, and talk out the process to those concerned. The team of roofers working on your roof has been working in the industry for a long time already, so installing a roof is like second nature for us. You don’t need to worry about us making mistakes, since we check every step to make sure all systems are a go before proceeding. We’re efficient, and we’re meticulous. Ballwin Roofing Co. will expertly handle all of these in the agreed time frame, and with the owner’s cooperation, of course. You ill not find a better roofer in Ballwin when it comes to repair.

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Emergency Roofing

Hurricanes made nearby things air-borne, and now they headed their way right to your roof? Storm suddenly intruded on your roof’s major leakage points? A fire burned off a section of your roof? Don’t panic, and call us as soon as you can. Take safety precautions beforehand, and we’ll be sure to come in as soon as possible. So to any homeowner in need of a quick rescue, just ring Ballwin Roofing Co. We’re here with emergency roofing services, 24/7.

We realize terrible things happen when you least expect it.  And we know you want it taken care of ASAP.  Let Ballwin Roofing Company get your roof back in peak condition.  We are available 24/7 to handle your emergency roofing needs.  Call us today to let us know how we can help.

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